Mazda unlocks productivity with OASE

OASE has been helping Mazda empower colleagues across Europe in harnessing the full potential of Microsoft 365 applications. Mazda takes full advantage of OASE, integrating custom instructional videos tailored to their unique business applications as well. Mazda embarked on their OASE journey nearly five years ago, and they remain steadfast in their reliance on OASE for years to come.

Marc Maes, Project Manager at Mazda, played a pivotal role in OASE’s implementation. “Our partnership with Xylos was well-established when we faced the Windows 10 rollout back in 2019. It was during this critical project that we made the strategic choice to embrace OASE.”
OASE’s capability of providing up-to-date, reliable instructions employees could go back to after classroom training sessions proved invaluable. “It perfectly complemented our traditional in-person training sessions aimed at equipping our employees with Windows 10 skills.”

Teams-meetings during lockdown

Fast forward to the lockdown a few months later, and OASE truly came into its own. Kurt Braeckmans, Service Desk Manager, vividly recalls: “Our Skype environment couldn’t handle the sudden surge in chats and calls when remote work became mandatory. In response, we rolled out Teams and made Teams meetings accessible to everyone within weeks.”
While the technical aspects were quite demanding, user adoption went surprisingly smoothly. Kurt notes, “Getting everyone on board was actually one of the easiest parts of the migration. Our colleagues quickly recognized the increased stability and added value of Teams.”
And thanks to OASE, they knew how to leverage Teams effectively. The Mazda IT team invested heavily in creating tailored content and curated the most relevant instructional videos within the custom Mazda application on OASE. This streamlined approach allowed the team to guide employees directly to the right resources, ensuring everyone was up to speed.
With OASE’s user-friendly interface, users experienced no barrier to start learning. Kurt asserts, “The platform is intuitive and accessible, catering to users of all skill levels. You don’t need a manual because it’s incredibly user-friendly.” Marc adds, “And there are no annoying ads, unlike platforms like YouTube.”
Expanding the OASE web app with integrations into the Office applications and Teams makes things even more accessible. You can access the information you need, all without leaving your work environment.

“The platform is intuitive and accessible, catering to users of all skill levels. You don't need a manual because it's incredibly user-friendly."

– Kurt Braeckmans, Service Desk Manager Mazda

Bite-sized, time-saving training

In a world where online learning and remote work have become the norm, traditional classroom training has taken a back seat. We often don’t have the luxury of dedicating entire days to training. Instead, many prefer bite-sized learning moments that fit seamlessly into their schedules.
OASE’s focus on short and to-the-point videos is one of the big draws of the platform for Mazda. Kurt adds, “The Productivity Tips learning courses are a welcome new addition. Three short videos a day, totaling about 10 minutes – that’s manageable, even with a busy schedule.”
Leaving us with a valuable piece of advice for anyone looking to implement OASE (or any new tool, really), Kurt concludes: “Focus on user adoption. Make sure your employees are on board with the story you’re telling. This holds true not just for OASE but for any non-mandatory tool; a compelling narrative is essential.”

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