Mazda unlocks productivity with OASE

OASE has been helping Mazda empower colleagues across Europe in harnessing the full potential of Microsoft 365 applications. Mazda takes full advantage of OASE, integrating custom instructional videos tailored to their unique business applications as well. Mazda embarked on their OASE journey nearly five years ago, and they remain steadfast in their reliance on OASE for years to come.


P&V goes for flexible collaboration with OASE

Switching to Microsoft 365 requires targeted coaching for those who will use the software on a daily basis. With OASE, P&V employees watch over 2,500 videos about Microsoft 365 as well as company-specific content.


1,000 Aquafin employees save time thanks to OASE

To facilitate the integration of Microsoft 365 in the office, Aquafin relied on the online video platform OASE. By switching to this microlearning method, the company saved valuable time and money.

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