P&V goes for flexible collaboration with OASE

Switching to Microsoft 365 requires targeted coaching for those who will use the software on a daily basis. That’s why insurance company P&V opted to use OASE some years ago. Throughout the year, they organized multiple initiatives aimed at stimulating their 2,000 active end users to use the online video platform and familiarizing them with their modernized work environment. With OASE, they can watch over 2,500 instructional videos about Microsoft 365 – and that’s not all: the platform also contains a treasure trove of company-specific content.

From ticketing system to company security

Apart from letting users follow webinars, watch instructional videos and map out learning paths, OASE also offers the possibility to upload information about company-specific applications. P&V makes good use of this feature: this way, they can let employees watch easy-to-follow Microsoft 365 videos, look up videos about password requirements, find out how to report incidents with the company’s own ticketing system, and look up how they can request working from home – all on the same platform.

Helpdesk FAQs clarified

As you can tell, OASE has become an integral part of P&V’s corporate environment. The company uses the platform creatively by adding their own videos to it and plans to conduct an employee survey to ask them about their needs and questions. They’ve also planned an in-depth learning session to clarify the topics their helpdesk receives the most questions about.

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